About Us

  • Greenside offer’s weekly, Saturday and Sunday classes.
  •  Saturday classes start at 08:00.
  •  Weekly classes start at 17:00 to 19:00.
  •  Sunday classes start at 8:00 to 4:00
  •  Our tutorial classes will take a period of 11 weeks, ( almost 3 months period) were the most important work will be covered both from the textbook and the study guide.

One month revision will be provided to all the internal students registered with the college to prepare them for upcoming exams in


Greenside Tutoria institute offers Revision classes and Exam course.


* One month revision course is offered to students to facilitate the concepts and make the content of the module more understandable.

* Our experienced/professional tutors have the ability to explain academic concepts in a simpler way.

* Revision mainly focuses on the work in the textbook and the study guide, through summarising the notes as well as activities in the study guide and past exam paper’s.

* Highlighting the important areas in the study guide and the textbook work, our tutor’s make the work easy with valuable insights into your capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses, the more we know about you, the more we can help you.


* Greenside Tutorial provides extra exam preparation to all the students that are struggling with their studies, studying alone is not easy so come join our exam course today!!

* Exam course and Revision course takes only eight hours a day, from 08:00 to 16:00 pm, mainly we focus on the past exam paper’s and activities from the study guide, to provide you with the accurate suggested solutions to help you in your exam preparation.


* We are flexible after working hours and weekend’s, we also have Saturday classes and Sunday classes to those students who cannot make it on Saturdays and Weekdays.

* Free assistance in assignments twenty four hours and we also offer night classes and Sunday classes, to help students who miss out on our classes.

Our approaches will assist you pass all your modules


“Our mission is to promote high quality teaching and self-worth among our College Community”


“We strive to be the leading service provider of high quality education and training, knowledge, values, attitude and service at all levels.”


We believe education and training are for all. We are committed to equal opportunities for learners and staff, we value the cultural diversity of South Africa and other people. The success is built a sense of personal and professional achivement by everyone who studies and works here. We believe that raising educational achivement will contribute to the economic, social and cultural prosperity of South Africa.