Why us?

Our experienced/professional tutors have the ability to explain academic concepts in a simpler way. Revision mainly focuses on the work in the textbook and the study guide, through summarising the notes and answering pass exam question papers

Exam Study Pack

This is the time to prepare for exams , please find our list of modules that will have Exam preparation lessons and Exam Study Pack.


One month revision will be provided to all the internal and external students to prepare them for the upcoming exams in MAY/JUNE OR OCT/NOV The classes are held at the college starting from 9:00am --- To---- 5:00pm on saturdays, sundays and weekly. Students who are far away from johannesburg, the college organises exam packs,fully answered previous question papers and summarised notes to help students in the preparation of exams. This revision course is offered to students to facilitate them and make the module UNDERSTANDABLE.


Greenside offer's weekly classes, Saturday and Sunday classes. Saturday classes start at 08:00am---- To----- 4:30pm , Weekly classes start at 17:00pm ----- To----- 19:00pm . Sunday classes start at 9:00am ----To---- 4:00pm Our tutorial classes will take a period of 11 weeks, ( almost 3 months period) were the most important work will be covered both from the textbook and the study guide